Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summering in Simcoe

Confirmation of an earlier suspicion of mine regarding Simcoe County District School Board's decision for five high schools in the county's northwest. The Examiner published this Saturday confirming the next meeting on the fate of the schools won't be held until September.
Debbie Clarke, board spokesperson, said although the three-month wait will have some parents reeling, holding off was the best option.
"(The board) had to look at the regular board meeting schedule and also be cognizant of families who will be off on summer holidays," Clarke said.
"We wouldn't be reaching all the families because I'm sure many will be away on vacation, and some board staff will, too.
"But we wanted to announce this date and time as soon as possible, because we understand families are anxious to know what's happening," she added.
There is a regular board meeting scheduled for Aug. 26, but Diane Firman said the board had its reason for choosing not to hold the meeting then.
"We weren't able to get the information out about the meeting through the high schools because now it's summer break, and we wanted to give parents enough notice about the meeting," said Firman, board chairperson.
"That's why we've decided to hold off until September to meet."
Frequent readers here will remember this accommodation review produced a 'status quo' or consensus set of recommendations, asking for all five schools in Midland, Penetanguishene, Elmvale, Stayer and Collingwood to remain open.