Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bluewater budget

Owen Sound sent a correspondent to the Bluewater District School Board meeting this week where trustees passed their budget.
Like everything else these trustees have tried to do since January, the budget was frought with accusations staff were running the show and keeping important information from the board as it moved through the budget.
"I guess we'll take a leap of faith and pass this budget hoping things improve," (John) Chapman said, sharing (Jan) Johnstone's frustration that a three-page explanation about the $190 million budget was prepared and handed out to trustees "within minutes of us approving the budget.
"Obviously this was prepared ahead of time . . ." Chapman said, calling it "presumptive" and adding "it seems to be the way we do business around here."
The board and its constituents still await the outcome of a report from provincial "Mr. Fix-its" sent to help the board deal with accusations of not responding to parental and employee concerns. Two sessions were held in recent weeks mediated by Thames Valley District School Board past-chair Peggy Sattler. One of the issues that has percolated through the process was the discussion on rotary instruction in the intermediate grades, which was partially restored in a decision last week.
There remains just over a year until the next trustee elections.