Wednesday, June 3, 2009

School authorities to disappear

Tomorrow's Trust has this info the Ontario Ministry of Education has notified 20 school authorities they will be amalgamated into a neighbouring district school board effective September. The post includes a list of those school authorities to be amalgamated. Wow.
Many of these continued to exist as separate entities in recognition of either geography or a strong local history of not being a part of the other local school boards.
This news is interesting given Bill 177 says for these school authorities must name a director of education and treasurer, regardless of size.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need in time of restraint and school closures in the south....more bureaucrats in the north...can't wait to see those mileage charges.

What's the point of the amalgamation?

Did they leave the French and Catholic authorities alone?

What next?

Oh, and by the way ER, thanks for being a reporter who gets education and help the public sort it all out.

It's needed and you're right...not enough papers spend enough time on education.