Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach day?

The Simcoe Reformer has this story about June 5's 'beach day', aka 'let's skip high school and go get a tan / get sunburnt / get drunk off our asses.' I learn something new every day, I guess.
Detentions and calls home are the regular punishments for skipping school, but some teachers go as far as to book tests, presentations and assignment due dates on the first Friday of June as a deterrent to keep kids in school.
"We have 200 school days a year and so what if on one day, we want to go to the beach," said Glendale (High School, Tillsonburg) senior Adam Klassen. "It's not fair to book a test on that day."
Simcoe Composite senior Rachel Stoepker agreed one day away from the strict schedule of school isn't going to make or break your education.
"We deserve it before exams," she said. "One day doesn't do much and kids can (drink) any other day too."
Well, except that "one day" is mere weeks before you're off for 10 weeks, where you can plump your lazy ass down on the sand all you want. You also don't have 200 school days a year, it's more like 194, minus all those PD days and exam days. Maybe you need that day after all...


Anonymous said...

The difference between giving myself too many "beach days" when I was in high-school is that back then there was a good chance if you missed work, deadlines, tests, etc. you'd be on a fast tract to failure or some other consequence.

Seems like these students are prime for the new provincial "no-fail" policy currently raising hackles of parents and educators alike.

Funny when you think that kids want beach days, while some companies and unions allow for a few personal days, and Spa days each year...maybe kids are just learning by example.

Anonymous said...

ive googled myself. brilliant.

anyway, i simply ask you to ponder this: you may now 'enjoy' the life of a working, bill-paying, responsible adult but dont flatter yourself into thinking that as an adolecent you were so gung-ho about staying in school for the 134th day (or the 1st or 47th for that matter) because you knew that just around the bend there was a weekend.
AS A STATEMENT OF GENERALITY, most youth want to relish what little time they have to be rebellious and carefree before turning to the next chapter in their lives, 'working, bill-paying, responsible adults'. also like to say that i didnt have time to plump my lazy ass in the sand during my 'holidays' as i worked full time (as many students did) to pay for college tuition.
...aaaand even if i had the time i wouldnt go on any other day. i can only handle sand in my ass about once a year.

Anonymous said...

and bottom line, beach day comes once a year. look at the facts, a greater portion of the kids are actually dedicated students. a mere few have more than one 'beach day' per year.

a local holiday if you will.

by the you have an issue with the unnecessarily long month worth of christmas holidays? or is it far enough away from our ten weeks worth of beach days tht it is irrelivant?