Thursday, June 18, 2009

More budgets passed

Needless to say I won't get every story on every one of the 72 publicly funded boards on here (no doubt some of them will go without any budget coverage this year). However, a few more for the day and night:
  • Pembroke, where balance was achieved without reserves, but with staggered bell times and other budget reductions.
  • Early Orillia story on budget being passed, with use of reserves. Features the decision for ongoing coverage of whether or not to keep the reading recovery program (whose staff I met at the EWA conference in May).
  • Owen Sound, where trustees debated professional development-- apparently the teachers' federation doesn't want any more PD. Yet a few paragraphs down, they still want release time for divisional meetings. Isn't that PD?
  • London early coverage, focused on a move to harmonize bus/walk distances.
Boards are finding their way-- although one comment on the previous post noted the Toronto boards aren't.