Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Presumptive at the Standard-Freeholder

Cornwall's headline on this piece has me scratching my head.
It says "Schools closing," yet is entirely about a new round of accommodation review committees scheduled to begin after classes resume this fall in the Upper Canada District School Board. The reviews come out of the board's now infamous "Boundary 20/20" exercise, possibly the only capital planning initiative that drew the wrath of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.
OK, perhaps it's reasonable to assume the reviews would result in school closures. However, the headline also seems to predetermine an outcome.
School closures if necessary but not necessarily school closures, to riff a misquoted Mackenzie King line?
I hope the newspaper's education reporter, if they have a single reporter dedicated to it, and headline writers shore up on things over the summer before the committee begins its work or the headlines will make it always seem like the decision is past.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that before boards even enter into an accommodation review they have an idea of what they wish to happen.

That's usually evidenced in the 10 Year Capital Plan that the Minister required of boards.

So, I think you're leaning in the right direction when you suggest that the outcomes are "predetermined".

I'm thinking..yes, but some ARCs and communities are managing to burst that "predetermined" bubble with really good cases for alternatives.

Education Reporter said...

Communities are succeeding with innovative, different, unique options in their ARC reports. Plans, after all, are just plans. They're constantly changing and evolving as each round of ARCs (and government funding guidelines) is completed.
There have been several examples of this here.