Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stimulating announcements

There have been a smorgasbord of capital infrastructure announcements in recent days for new school, expansion and replacement construction as the Ontario government farms out the good Ministry of Education news to its local Liberal MPPs across the province.
This follows a few weeks of similar announcements and behaviour across the province. I have to say I do admire the government for this PR strategy. The legislature rises for the summer (or other holiday) and the PR flacks have the 'good news' announcements ready to fly out the door as members return to their ridings. Oh, except in opposition held ridings, where those announcements are done as 'also-rans' by Liberals in neighbouring districts.
Some examples this week include:
But not Sudbury, apparently, as the board is still dotting i's and crossing t's on its capital liquidity template with the Ministry of Education.
The most innovative? The Brantford one-- this marks the second facility in the Telephone City shared between the district's Catholic and public boards. The other one also includes municipal use. These schools work, but boards like their fiefdoms too much to really move in this direction on a more global scale.