Sunday, June 7, 2009

Principal lawyers up over job transfer

The Brockville Recorder & Times posted this story Friday about Thousand Islands Secondary School principal Arlie Kirkland's attempts to block a pending transfer to another high school.
This is the first time in memory I've seen a transfer be contested by the person being transferred so publicly. In a recent example from Brantford, I questioned why the reporter there hadn't asked the principal what her preference or opinion was over being transferred to another school in Simcoe. No need for that here.
Kirkland indicated in the past she would like to retire next year, once she reaches the 40-year milestone of her career in education. It has also been made clear Kirkland wants to be a part of the 50th reunion celebrations at TISS next spring. A committee has already been struck and Kirkland is a member.
On top of this, the TISS school council is opposing Kirkland’s transfer and took their concerns to board administration on Tuesday. Committee co-chair Gord Eamer said he and other representatives were told administration would work on a compromise, but Kirkland’s transfer to Rideau was confirmed the next day by board of trustees chairman Greg Pietersma.
This could be precedent-setting if it ever does get to court.


Anonymous said...

the principal revolving door practice in Ontario needs to stop.

If a principal is effective and the community supports him/her they should be allowed to stay at that school.

The practice of moving principals every three or four years is very inconsistent.

If as this practice allows principals can be moved so relevant have they become to student learning.

By the way, there are some excellent articles in the Huron County Focus paper ER re: too many teachers...not enough students and another Accommodation Review conflict....I'm not at all surprised.