Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Budget story trio

I'm trying to avoid becoming a simple education news aggregator, but the issues are flying quickly and furiously as trustees in Ontario head towards their summer break and complete budgets, remaining accommodation review decisions, etc.
A sample of budget stories:
Sterling (Community Press -- Hastings and Prince Edward board)
Welland (Niagara)
Most boards seem to be finding the balanced budget without heavy cuts to staffing or program-- welcome news after years of increases and in the face of a year when salary and benefit costs covered under provincial framework / discussion table agreements are funded but the Ministry of Education claws back grants in limited areas.
Certainly that seems to be the case in the boards I cover as well.
Boards have until June 30 to pass their budgets for 2009-10.


Anonymous said...

Seems the only boards that can't balance their budgets with all the new money are the Toronto boards. This is even with the Catholic board being run by the ministry itself!