Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SQE starts a blog

The Society for Quality Education has started a blog on its website. The notice was e-mailed out to those on its contact list Tuesday. Part of its first post:
One of our main strategies is to empower parents, grandparents, and teachers by arming them with proven teaching methods and materials.
As part of this effort, our blog will provide readers with solid information about good education - and lots of it - in a very readable and entertaining format.
Though a previous post outlined some, er, concerns with one of the SQE's reports, this country needs as many people writing about education as it can get. Consistent, high-quality coverage in the media (whether MSM, in the blogosphere or elsewhere) of policy and practice is sorely lacking, as are discussions on the different visions to improve what we have.
I welcome the blog and have included it in the featured links at the right.