Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orillia Catholic review

The articles on accommodation reviews where the community supports closure or consolidation always catch the eye as the daily clippings scroll past. This This is the Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic board's review of its elementary schools in Orillia and the surrounding area, where the committee is recommending consolidation of two schools into a new facility, with heavy focus on the new facility.
This proposed new school would be for 300-350 pupil places-- a number that depending on where you live can be a small elementary school or a large one. Knowing the area and the distribution of Catholic and public schools, this range is likely upper-middle in terms of elementary schools in the board, but likely would be one of the larger elementary schools in the board north of the City of Barrie. If the board accepts, it would mean a new facility for students where their body count would mean far fewer split-grade classes. The current schools have 100-150 students each, which likely means every class in the school is a split-grade grouping.

This marks about half a dozen reviews highlighted so far on this blog-- and with a 60-day timer on the receipt of each of these committee reports it means a very busy spring for trustees as they both setup their 2009-10 budgets and make decisions on these reviews before the summer break.


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the link's not working for me ed. reporter.

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The link works, but the newspaper has probably taken the article away and archived it.

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