Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bargaining update

News today the Algoma District School Board has reached a tentative settlement with its contract teachers represented by the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.
This means the Thames Valley District School Board is the only district board left in Ontario without any type of settlement for its contract teachers. *sigh*
The federation and Ontario Public School Boards' Association agreed Friday to extend their mutual deadline for the provincial framework (PFA) funding until the end of the day Wednesday, April 29. The TVDSB and ETFO-Thames Valley have a full day of bargaining set for Wednesday.
Given the board and federation are the only ones left to figure out how all this works, should they both be smacked upside the head and lose out on the $2.7 million (plus) in the PFA? This reporter increasingly thinks the answer should be YES.


Anonymous said...

that just makes too much sense ed. reporter....not going to happen because the ed. premier needs the votes next election.

Education Reporter said...

Note-- there have been strikes under the McGuinty government. Not contract teachers' strikes, but strikes within occasional teachers locals and CUPE locals. Actually, in 2006, the CUPE EA Local at this very board went on a 10 or 15 day strike.