Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off to D.C.

Another short hiatus from later tonight (keeping an eye on TVDSB and ETFO bargaining) until Monday evening. I am attending the National Education Writers' Association conference in Washington D.C. over the next few days.
The EWA is blogging the convention -- if you stick to the K-12 topics you can get an idea of the sessions I've been attending. Check back next week for my impressions of this U.S. education reporters' conference.


Anonymous said...

Washington eh? It will be interesting to hear the buzz over school choice in THAT city!! Parents who support school choice have been more than a little ticked off at Obama's stance on voucers--especially when his own kids go to private school.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what you thought of Paul Tough. Seems that he writes along the lines of Patrick McCloskey (The Street Stops Here).

Education Reporter said...

I'll sheepishly admit I'm not familiar with Patrick McCloskey, nor have I read much Paul Tough, including the book he spoke about over lunch Saturday. I was impressed, however by how he let the story taking place in schools excite him enough to turn it into a book. He outright admitted education was in his blood but that he veered away from entering the family business, so to speak, to become a reporter. It's encouraging a reporter averse to education would be drawn in by the story he saw unfolding in front of him and goes to show education reporting can be enlightening, entertaining and produce top-quality reaction from readers.
More on the rest of the conference soon, I promise.