Monday, April 13, 2009

Making friends

It all, slowly, comes together over time.
The Education Reporter has been added as a featured link at Crux of the Matter as well as at an Education Bloggers' aggregator, Ed News Blogroll. Ed News Blogroll has been discontinued (April 16) due to "lack of interest."
Spread the love people-- I'm glad to see others blogging about education and discussing the issues that often get overlooked by education beat reporters working for the traditional media (yes, I know... I'm one of them).
I would quote this section of my first post as a reminder and explanation of why this site exists.
Across Canada, there are very few media with full-time education reporters. In the newsrooms that have dedicated education reporters, the people doing the reporting don't remain at the education desk for long. Education reporting is not seen as a "sexy" beat for journalists and readers, listeners and viewers some times agree.
Yet education, particularly K-12 education, is the one thing we all have in common. Each and every single one of us went to school as a child-- even though we attended in different places and spaces, it's a common experience we all share.
Thanks to CotM for linking to here.