Sunday, April 26, 2009


I always get a kick out of reading this blog, supposedly by an Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario - Thames Valley member. In the last round of contract negotiations, this member had a blog under a different name-- s/he, with the claim the local's fettering away of common sense as it sticks to one or two principles the blogger says few members care about, calls the local prez Capt. Peanut Butter (his actual name is Phillip Mack). The peanut butter is what local members would be able to afford if they depended on the prez's abilities and also, just plain gooey and sticky and fun. Remember this local went on a work-to-rule the last round and required the personal intervention of then-minister Gerard Kennedy to agree to toss a retirement gratuity issue to arbitration. As a reporter, I can't quote from it in the stories I write for my employer, but often reference it to get a feel for the tone of the disgruntled within the local.
Today, s/he spills some beans about why the local apparently is among only two contract teacher locals without a deal. Just beautiful.
The lack of a contract has been covered by some local media.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for these teachers and the ones in Bluewater who also have blog for speaking up. Even if it's in a personal blog.

I only wish that more teachers didn't have to vent on a blog or retire to offer constructive criticism of their union representation.

What's interesting also from my perspective is that the issue the Thames Valley teacher writing this blog has mirrors the concerns of parents and school communities. Pretty darn close.