Friday, April 24, 2009

Deadline day

Today is the deadline agreed to by the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Public School Boards' Association in their provincial framework agreement by which contracts had to be settled.
There are still many boards and locals that do not have settled or ratified agreements in place as of this posting-- the deals have been coming fast and furious and a need for sleep will leave an update of the running list posted earlier this week until later in the day on Friday or perhaps even Saturday. Particularly since this reporter will be chasing the story of what happens next for the fine folks who pay his salary so he can afford the idle time to blog.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyplace where one can see what the starting salaries and top salaries are, by board, such as the list on the EFTO's website?
I'd like to know what each board actually is commited to over the next four years.

Education Reporter said...

Good question-- I will look into this and post a link if I can find an answer.

Anonymous said...

well the ETFO radio and print ads ran here last week asking taxpayers to lobby their trustees for class caps for Gr.4-8.....all for he good of the kids don't'ya know?

Except I'm pretty sure the public aint buying what they're selling this time, given that the ETFO's message was moot in my community where we're closing schools because of under enrolment and not many intermediate/senior classes are bursting at the seams at all.

Kind of makes me wonder if the ETFO are a bit disconnected to my area?

As a matter of fact thanks to the government's last class cap at primary level we now have triple split grades because huge classes just don't exist here en-masse.