Friday, August 28, 2009

Shotgun-coverage start of school advancer

Tyler Kula at the Sarnia Observer had me salivating for more with the headline "More school closures on the horizon," which ran Thursday.
Elementary schools with fewer than 170 students and high schools with fewer than 350 students could be identified in an October pupil accommodation report, along with communities in which there is more than one small school, said Gayle Stucke, director of the Lambton Kent District School Board.
“Looking at pupil accommodation issues is ... becoming a more urgent issue,” she said.
Hillcrest School in Petrolia, on the other hand, is experiencing a population increase that recently caused town council to pass a bylaw for two additional portables.
A letter was also sent to the board requesting “a facilities study” which will be considered in the October report, Stucke said.
Then we are taken onto other topics, such as the provincial EQAO release along with summertime renovation and alteration work.
That's disappointing-- why not take a broader look at the pending decisions on any upcoming reviews? I had to sell that to my own editors this past week, the results of which are here, and here, given a general distaste for accommodation review stories after the first round.
It's a tricky line though-- do you want to be alarmist as a reporter? Or simply remind the audience that these important questions have not disappeared and need to be kept alive in the public's consciousness? A better-informed populace comes to the table better prepared, no?


Anonymous said...

"given a general distaste for accommodation review stories after the first round"

Here, here ER!

If the reporting has been consistent and informative all along there should be no problem.

I've decided that reporters can do much in raising the public's consciousness, but it's the public that has to their part too.

I can't tell you how many people have either stopped me on the street, around town, and even called me to disagree with what the accomm. review did in our case....BUT, show up at a meeting?
Attendance was horrible.

Some said it was because it was a waste of time attending because, the board had already decided what it wanted to do so felt it a waste of time.

Others told me that they were told not to be negative and affect the children.

Yet others claimed a conflict of interest of some members of the ARC.

I felt that they were depending on me to do the work through the story that they didn't take the time to do themselves.