Friday, August 21, 2009

More CSA coverage

Picked up on this in some late-night surfing-- from Niagara.
Municipal leaders from communities where school closures are being protested—48 currently (my bold emphasis), with more expected to sign on in September—have joined the Community School Alliance, and some met with Wynne in Ottawa Tuesday, seeking help from the province.
(Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord Mayor Gary) Burroughs and Councillor Jim Collard were in Ottawa for the meeting, which was timed to co-incide with the annual conference for the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
The group was hoping to find a sympathetic ear from the minister, as they attempted to convince her accommodation reviews are flawed in that they don’t reflect the concerns of their community members, including municipal leaders. They were also asking for an appeal process to remove “absolute power” from local school boards—not just to appeal the process, but to appeal decisions on school closures.
First, I'm happy to see a number beyond the municipalities represented on the Community Schools Alliance executive. The actual number is low, I think, given the 200 delegates who reportedly jammed the room at the conference in Ottawa Monday. However, many councils take summer breaks and if the correspondence from the CSA didn't arrive in time for a summer meeting, it has to wait until councils' meetings in September for further approval.
I would expect the numbers to swell.
However, I would also expect the CSA to eventually post, on its website, a list of all its members, instead of simply inviting anyone to suggest his/her own municipality for membership.