Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One for the "blue pages?"

The Near North District School Board moved at the beginning of this past weekend to shut down a teacher's website (classroom blog?) because the site published private student data. Apparently student health card numbers, home phone numbers and other contact information was published on the site. Superintendent Kelly Brown told the North Bay Nugget no student addresses were included in the information published.
The board, when pressed by the reporter (the paper was tipped off by a parent), said the teacher involved won't be disciplined for the breach of privacy.
This is the sort of situation that leads parents to complain to the Ontario College of Teachers about a member's conduct. Unfortunately, while these complaints do make the infamous "blue pages" summary in the college's member mag, they're also the ones that indicate the college didn't investigate as the concern wasn't one relating to professional standards. Or some other similar line indicating the college acknowledges the concern but won't be doing anything about it.
Were I the reporter here, I would have, after lawyer's advice, published the name of the teacher involved or at least the grade. Here, we're all left to wonder who this person is who put private information on the web and won't be reprimanded for their inattention, ignorance or stupidity.


Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass! The teacher too. Studipintendent Kelly Brown needs to give his/her head a shake. "No addresses were included." WTF.

I'm not sure what is worse, a moron of a HS teacher, or Brown's lame attempt to brush it off. Obviously the teacher is a moron, but why is Brown getting a pay cheque?