Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bluewater update #5

Some of the Bluewater trustees spent the day interviewing candidates for the vacant Meaford and Blue Mountains ward, empty after the resignation of then-chair and trustee Rick Galbraith's March resignation.
Having covered this sort of replacement process before, it's not unusual and is permitted by the Ontario Education Act. It flies in the face of letting the people who elected Galbraith have a voice in the selection of the person who is to take his seat at the board table for just over a year. Further, if my confidence in this board's abilities is already shaken, why would I trust the people overseeing the staff and director of education now being helped by "Mr. Fixit" and his crew to appoint someone for the second time to that seat?
The BDSB should have asked the people who they want to fill the seat, not each other.