Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intro to ARC

The District School Board of Niagara has struck an accommodation review committee for its schools in the City of Welland. The local paper published this article meant to review and introduce the process to its readers. The reporter made an interesting choice here-- rather than go to the community for the all-too-easy "don't close my school" emotional response, she stuck to the school board's superintendent and the Welland trustee.
My favourite part:
Once the committee has had time to review things such as enrolment, state of the buildings and opportunities for consolidation it will make recommendations that will go to the board. Senior staff will also come together and make its recommendations which will also go to the board for a final decision.
This cannot be repeated often enough, and for the sake of understanding, here's hoping the Tribune does so in its coverage next year. Of course, that's if the paper covers the regular committee meetings. I've had to fight in my own newsroom to continue covering committee meetings, and many newsrooms both larger and smaller than mine have simply abandoned any attempt to cover them until they reach the final-recommendation and report to trustee phase.


Anonymous said...

our paper covered the whole ARC process from start to finish.

I think most appreciated it but I do know that some felt it overkill and there was even feedback that as long as the paper's covering the meetings so well why bother even attending the meetings? Good point and one I hadn't considered before then.