Saturday, November 7, 2009


One of the more frustrating things in life the last month or so has been the sheer and utter lack of time to post on as many things as I'd like to in this space. In the past week alone, I've had browser tabs open for a new K-12 school in Pembroke, a new homework policy unveiled by the Simcoe County District School Board and the continuing saga that is unfolding in Niagara-on-the-Lake-- where attributing devilish qualities and asking DSBN to "stay away," has become the new form of municipal-school board co-operation so heralded by the town's own council members on the Community Schools Alliance. I wonder if the other members of the alliance executive will follow this grand path of adding insult to injury after a board makes a disputed decision. Not to mention Studio2's time this week on early learning featuring Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, which I didn't have time to see yet would have liked to blog about here.
All things I wish I'd had more time for but haven't as most of my work blogging time has concentrated on my municipal politics blog, leaving precious little personal time for this space.


The blog is going on a short hiatus until at least Nov. 12.
I successfully applied for and received a fellowship to attend an Education Writers Association seminar in San Diego, Cal., titled "Small Schools and High School Reform: Shrinking Size, Diminishing Returns?" I am grateful for the opportunity and rather excited to spend two days in the company of about a dozen U.S. education reporters talking about small-school models and why they do and don't work and how to cover them as a journalist.
Some of the insight I gain will hopefully show itself through posts in this space as well as in my reporting through my full-time gig.
It does mean no posts for the coming days however. I may be able to tweet from a few of the venues, but won't make any guarantees.
Please check back after Nov. 12 for new posts.


Anonymous said...

Great ER! Maybe you can talk the paper in my area to start publishing your stuff because there is nothing keeping folks informed ever since the paper started losing freelancers. There's been a huge void and the usual education reporter's stuff is so badly condensed and carved up they might as well not bother.


Education Reporter said...

So far it's an amazing seminar-- lots of intriguing discussion on districts that choose to make small schools. Fascinating, given many of our small schools in Ontario are small by nature because of declining populations and location.
I will definitely be posting...