Monday, September 13, 2010

Testing the OISE framework

I usually enjoy breaking the mold. It's becoming apparent to me as I navigate through the course-selection process that the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), where I hope to still audit the bulk of the courses I'll be sitting in and observing, isn't used to such things.
I have been working, via e-mail and a few in-person visits, with an associate dean on course selection, but it's been a slow process. Understandably, I show up in August and have all these questions and am well aware that there are other far more important priorities than holding the hand of a journalism fellow (especially when I can find my own way).
The masters' level courses have been fairly easy to navigate and find. It was suggested I also follow a selection of the mandatory initial teacher education courses that a B.Ed. student would take on starting at OISE. There's been a little more difficulty connecting on this course and finding out what sections I might be able to drop in on without freaking out a professor.
Still to be decided are any non-OISE courses I might follow, although I'm willing to follow the lead of some of the other journalism fellows to see what courses they're auditing. Hopefully by the end of next week or shortly thereafter I'll have my selections nailed down for the term.