Thursday, July 23, 2009

Community Schools Alliance cont'd

Now that I've written our own Community Schools Alliance-related story (will be linked once published... eventually), I wanted to note a few more things.
The letters from CSA chair and Southwest Middlesex Mayor Doug Reycraft have been sent to municipalities across the province, via e-mail as I understand. Councils are being asked to put membership in the CSA to a vote.
As it was explained to me by Middlesex County CAO Bill Rayburn, the CSA's governance model will be similar to that of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Very logical, since several of its executive committee members have been AMO presidents. Each municipality (if it so chooses) is a member, with the executive determined by the membership on a regular basis. As the CSA is just starting up, it has an inaugural executive and though Rayburn didn't specify this, I would assume that executive's term would be subject to approval/renewal at some point in time.
It brings an interesting thought to mind-- why the CSA didn't just form itself as an AMO caucus. There are already numerous AMO caucuses such as the northern one, the northwestern one, the small-urban municipal one and the rural one. The bear-pit sessions (closed to media) at the ROMA conference are particularly instructive for many councillors. In addition, there are the western and eastern wardens' caucuses. CSA looks like it will essentially encapsulate many of the same municipalities that are already participating in these various AMO subgroups.
I would expect and hope to see continued coverage coming in over the next few weeks (like this Niagara Advance piece) from around the province as each council that has received an invitation discusses and, likely, approves its membership.