Saturday, March 21, 2009

Every blog has to start with its first post

Welcome to the first post at
I have been reporting on education in Canada (Ontario, specifically) since 1999. As I have become more experienced in this craft, I have come to learn that education reporting -- particularly for JK-12 schools -- is very underrated in this country.
In newsrooms the same size as the one I am working in now, it is extremely rare to have one reporter focused on education writing. Across Canada, there are very few media with full-time education reporters. In the newsrooms that have dedicated education reporters, the people doing the reporting don't remain at the education desk for long. Education reporting is not seen as a "sexy" beat for journalists and readers, listeners and viewers some times agree.
Yet education, particularly K-12 education, is the one thing we all have in common. Each and every single one of us went to school as a child-- even though we attended in different places and spaces, it's a common experience we all share.
My hope is this place becomes a gathering point for those journalists who write about education in this country, along with those who enjoy reading well-written journalism, analysis and commentary about what is happening in our schools.
Over time, with additional effort, I plan on growing this site into its own domain, It will move beyond providing links to media stories on education to providing analysis and commentary on the education issues being reported in our media. Some day, hopefully, in time, it will feature education news not published or broadcast anywhere else.
Please look for more in the coming weeks and months as this site grows, and please join the conversation.