Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random tab roundup

Browser-tab dump! In the following groups:
Capital / accommodation
Full-day kindergarten
Safety in schools
  • The Cornwall Standard Freeholder on the Upper Canada DSB keeping wifi networks in its schools;
  • The Sault Star on the Algoma DSB pondering surveillance cameras in some of its high schools;
  • The Peterborough Examiner on the Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB's wifi study and implementation in its schools; and,
  • The Welland Tribune forshadowing a recent visit by Broten to a local elementary school.
Fiscal / governance
  • The Belleville Intelligencer on 16 layoff notices that didn't turn into callbacks;
  • The North Bay Nugget on the suspension of a trustee in the Near North DSB;
  • The Hamilton Spectator on a breach-of-conduct investigation at the Hamilton Wentworth DSB; and,
  • The Timmins Daily Press on local schools' review of new fundraising policies (a little muddled in confusing fundraising with a convicted thief who stole from athletics programs).
It feels like I just cleaned house. Will do better with this sort of aggregation in the weeks ahead, promise.