Friday, July 22, 2011

Tell us something we didn't know

I some times wonder at what point an issue is newsworthy and when it's passed its prime. Take for example the current realities of the job market in southern Ontario for recent teacher-education graduates.
It's been known for some time that the hiring spree ended long ago. Retirement bulges have mostly passed and with the exception of those areas continually searching for new talent (French-language, technical studies, math, sciences) and those temporarily experiencing growth due to government investment (full-day kindergarten), there aren't really any permanent jobs for new teachers.
So then I saw this article from the Chatham Daily News this week.
Getting a full-time job as a teacher is tough these days.
Teachers can languish on supply lists for months or years before getting a chance for a permanent position.
As the last of the baby-boom generation approaches retirement, teachers are leaving. However, this is being offset by annual declining enrolment.
Stop the press.
No disrespect meant for the journalist who wrote this article, but as he himself notes, the factors contributing to this are not new. So what makes it newsworthy? Is it a chance interview with local board officials? Is it an annual update to the issue for the local readership?
But hey, that hasn't stopped thousands from applying to teachers' college for this fall. Thousands more than could ever hope to find full-time, permanent employment at a school in southern Ontario when they're done.