Friday, March 4, 2011

Capital mega-roundup

Time to close a bunch of capital-related browser tabs that have been open since the last roundup.
Loved reading the northern article -- Hearst and Smooth Rock are 160 kilometres down Highway 11 from each other (with Kapuskasing and other settlements in between) -- so the realities on the ground of an accommodation review there are very different than in many parts of rural southern Ontario, where the next school is usually within 10 to 20k and schools considered as part of the same review are usually within 30k of each other.
Was disappointed however, given some recent stellar reporting from St. Catharines on the DSBN Academy, to see a bad headline and confusing copy on the municipal consultation. The way the article is written leads one to believe that municipal partnerships will solve declining enrolment. Partnerships help take vacant space off board pupil-place rolls that reduces the financial impact of declining enrolment. Partnerships don't -- at least between municipalities and school boards -- actually lead to the increase in birth and fertility rates and/or migration rates needed to boost school-aged populations within the region.