Saturday, February 12, 2011

This week's capital roundup

Another goodie bag of coverage of school boards and their capital issues.
  • The Midland Free Press on an accommodation review in some of the bays of southeast Georgian Bay and a township mayor with development dollars in his eyes;
  • A capital grant announcement for the Lambton-Kent DSB in the Chatham Daily News for new and expanded schools in Ridgetown (home to the Small Schools Coalition-- remember them?);
  • The Hanover Post on an interesting recommendation presented to the school-closure review looking at Chesley / Hanover and area schools;
  • A Sudbury Star piece on construction delays for a post-school closure review consolidation of schools; and,
  • The Orillia Packet & Times on another rural township resolution aiming to keep schools open.
I smiled at the Ridgetown money-- as someone who was among the first to report on the Coalition for Small Schools (I could find no active web page for it) when they launched ca. 2004-05, it was interesting to see capital dollars going to Ridgetown post-committee work to modernize the schools in that village.