Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guilt by association?

A former blogger sent me this link on the weekend, encouraging me to look into it.
It's a blog setup in opposition to Halton Catholic District School Board trustee (and chair) Bob Van de Vrande's run in this month's municipal election to keep his seat.
The anonymous, unknown blogger seems to take issue with the fact Van de Vrande is running to keep his job as a Catholic trustee when the real estate brokerage he runs has a fundraising arrangement with a local private school, one his school-aged son happens to attend.
There is also information on several charities that Van de Vrande is linked to. The blogger is trying to get readers to connect the dots between two charities, Van de Vrande and contact information for one charity with a phone number that traces back to Van de Vrande's residence.
I'd be more inclined to ask Van de Vrande about the second portion of this blog than I would the first, but that's me. The links are above and on the other blog for those with an interest in spelunking.


Anonymous said...

The candidate is not being secretive about his alliances or preferences.

If that's out there and he gets elected maybe the voters want more of what he stands for?

What's the difference between him doing this and teachers who teach in a public board but who send their kids to private schools.

Or teachers who teach in the public board but send their kids to the Catholic board.

Maybe school boards should represent more of a truer mosaic of choices and schools in Ontario.

Perhaps it's time something like this infused some life into public and Catholic school boards.

We have (or had) a trustee who taught at a private school and sat on our board.

Anonymous said...

For me, "Something smells rotten in Denmark" so to speak. It seems very odd that the HCDSB chairman sends his kid to a private school. I guess the Catholic schools aren't good enough for him.

I had heard of other things that turned me off this guy. He came across as someone that was more interested in his own agenda, and pushed for some nutty decisions, such as the HPV vaccine ban for grade 8 students, bucking the Halton Chief Medical Officer and the Provincial Premier. As well, there were a litany of other right wing, oppressive decisions this guy supported. Its bad enough that there are clergy that are nuts, we don't need the school board being more conservative than the hardliners in the Catholic Church.

I for one am glad this ultra conservative, hardliner over the top guy is gone. Good riddance in my opinion.

Concerned Parent in Oakville

Anonymous said...

Hugo - you said the blogger is trying to get the readers to connect the dots and that you are inclined ask Van de Vrande about the second portion. Did you connect the dots or ask Van de Vrande about the second portion of information? Your profile states you aspire to be one of the best education reporters in Canada. The best education reporters in Canada wouldn't pass up an opportunity to connect the dots or ask questions would they?

Education Reporter said...

Anon 30 Oct. 19:17:

Let this comment slide and didn't see it until just now.
A good journalist wouldn't pass up the opportunity. This journalist (good, bad or otherwise) is on sabbatical from reporting, so I have. Even if I was reporting, this blog has evolved into approximately 85% aggregation of other people's writing and about 15% original writing based on policy and reports. I don't know that I would call up anyone on this issue and do my own original reporting on it in this space since that's not what I primarily use this space for.

However, if it's something you wish to pursue please drop me an e-mail and we'll go from there.


Anonymous said...

With this being an election year lets hope that he doesnt try for a come back!