Monday, February 22, 2010

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This came across in an alert today-- Full Day Early Learning: Facts and Speculation.
As the subtitle indicates:
There is much rumour and speculation about the introduction of full day early learning in Ontario. This blog attempts to separate fact from speculation about issues faced by not-for-profit community-based childcare centres in Ontario.
Something to keep an eye on in the coming months as more and more information is hopefully pushed out from the Ministry. One for the bookmark list, and I'll add it to the blogroll on the right. I'll just note its backers are from the not-for-profit childcare industry.


MJ said...

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Anonymous said...

This is off-topic ER but Kate at the LFP has a column today on London council's decision to stop working with ARCs to close schools.

Just when we thought not much was happening to support the Community Schools Alliance the move by London council "is a win for the fledgling Community Schools Alliance."

When this process becomes a case of winners and losers you have to wonder what it says about the mindset of elected officials on both sides.

On the one hand if all of the decisions by Thames Valley DSB have been to close schools and take no other considerations into account then the council might have a point that energies might be redirected to more positively market the schools, BUT, by taking themselves out of what's suppose to be a partnership reminds me of another story we've followed here in Niagara in that this will create further divisions rather than move to unite people over the changes that are necessary.

For the government's part I'm still not convinced any savings will be found by closing schools at all given that a glut of cash is going to be needed to fund the ELP, and meet other promises.

Does the London Council really want to control education? Because that's what it sounds like. Perhaps the gov't should give them what they want and cut this city loose? Then see what happens.

The one thing in the article I do agree with is that the ARC is very much a public relations exercise for boards who needed it.


Education Reporter said...


See new post.
I was reading Kate Dubinski's tweets from council Monday night and wasn't impressed, as you might guess.