Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing at AgendaCamp

This Sunday, I'll be spending the full day at TVO's AgendaCamp, being held at UWO in London. Peruse the site / wiki for more information on what AgendaCamp is and the topics under discussion in London. I'm pretty psyched about this day, particularly after having spent Saturday at a Canadian Association of Journalists' one-day technology and innovation conference in Toronto. It's a weekend full of stepping outside of the day-to-day reporting (and even blogging) that I've been doing and wrapping my head around concepts of what tomorrow might look like and how I can fit into that as a journalist.
I had pitched a session for AgendaCamp, which has been rolled up into "Making London a leader in education innovation and implementation." It also includes topics as proposed on early learning, supports for young families and a scholastic park and resort at the city's Fanshawe Conservation Area.
I will be social-media-ing my brains out yet again Sunday (Twitter locked me out for too many status updates twice on Saturday, I need to moderate my count Sunday), via Twitter, Facebook and maybe even Flickr if I get the camera out and working. You can search Twitter for all AgendaCamp tweets from all the participants who'll be online from the venue. I'll try and tag my education-related tweets, if you're not as interested in the bigger picture.
If the brain's not too fried by Monday, I may post some longer relevant thoughts back on here.