Monday, October 26, 2009

Early learning strategy out Tuesday

It appears Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and/or Premier Dalton McGuinty will be launching the government's early learning strategy Tuesday morning at an event in Toronto.
How do I know?
Dr. Charles Pascal's office is offering up media interviews.


RetDir said...

According to this morning's Globe and Mail, part of the payment for this initiative is going to come from increasing class sizes...

Anonymous said...

That, and likely laying off nurses or cutting services in the health care sector. They can't possibly pay for everything without something giving.

Anonymous said...

They can tax us MORE!
Dalton's done it before and voters have looked the other way and let him.
Judging by the truly pathetic protest at QP today I do believe that voters will even forget the HST by the time the election rolls around.