Friday, September 18, 2009

Minutiae update

Just a brief update-- the blog hit its 3,000th visit over the past day.
It's now receiving an average of about 1,000 visits a month, approximately 30 a day, with over 300 unique visitors in the last month alone. Individual page views are a hair over 5,000. For those who weren't already aware, I use both Google Analytics and Sitemeter to track site visits, solely for information purposes.
Thanks for stopping by folks. This is far better than I anticipated when this project began back in March.


Anonymous said...

Congrats ER! Thanks for taking time to put something like this out there for us to discuss.

I like this forum because it's intelligent and not merely a bitch page like some others I could name...but will not.

The viewpoints are quite balanced and respected too.